D3 Series
Infrared Touch Screen Overlay  with Glass & Hangers

D3 Series (Discontinued)

Infrared Touch Screen Overlay  with Glass & Hangers


  • Add-on overlay for LED/LCD display or projector
  • Single or dual touch operation
  • Finger, Gloved hand, nearly all stylus are employed
  • Available in Portrait/Landscape Monitors
  • Vandal-proof and scrape-resistant
  • Reliable and Long-lasting
  • OEM/ODM customization is available on request
Model No. D3 series
Touch Activation Force No minimum force
Input Method Finger, Gloved hand or Stylus
Minimum Touch Object 7 mm
Touch Point Density 4096 x 4096
Response Time 100 RPS at single touch;
80 RPS at dual touch (depends on size)
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 70℃ / -4 ~ 158°F
Relative Humidity 90% or lower, non-condensing
Power Source Below 47" and 47" DC 5V (from USB),
Over 47" DC 5.5V ~6V (from DC Adapter)
Inbox Driver Support Windows / Android / Linux / Mac
Controller Interface USB 2.0 HID interface
Frame Material Aluminum frame with black coating
Certificate CE, FCC